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Arrival: Prequel to The UnFolding
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Almiralyn has sworn to protect the last remnant of Old Earth. Will she have time to prepare, or will her enemies discover her whereabouts before she is ready?

Assuming her responsibilities at a turbulent time the Guardian of Myrrh is put to the test. Will her lifelong training to defend and protect the people and treasures of the last remnant of ancient Earth be enough?

The raven Karrew and her younger brother join her as they travel through time and dimensions to her first and most critical assignment.

Arrival: Prequel to The Unfolding – (Companion Short – a Short Story)

The UnFolding

A fantasy fiction tale of adventure and intrigue, follows a group of diverse characters on a quest to save the last remnant of Old Earth and to help bring balance to their home planets. Traveling through time and dimension, young and old combine wits and magic to thwart the diabolical plot of those determined to conquer and enslave the unique populations that inhabit the Inner Universe.

The series is told in four novels and eleven companion shorts (one short story, nine novelettes, and one novella). Companion shorts are additional morsels that enhance the reader’s knowledge of the characters, plot, actions, and worlds in the UnFolding Series.

I suggest reading the books in order although each group of shorts between novels can be enjoyed in any order you wish. You might like to save a companion short in your e-reader or smartphone to read when you find yourself in a waiting situation on earth and wish to visit another planet to pass a bit of time.

Available in three eBook collections (box sets) and in paperback and hardback print editions.

The UnFolding Collection One

1. Arrival

2. DiMensioner’s Revenge (a novel)

3. Gifts

4. Discovery

5. Rescue

6. Encounters

The UnFolding Collection Two

7. ConDra’s Fire (a novel)

8. Metamorphosis

9. Fishing

10. Lessons

11. Wanted

12. Duplicity

The UnFolding Collection Three

13. MasTer’s Reach (a novel)

14. Epilogue

15. Jaradee’s Legacy (a novel)

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