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DOUBT: Sneak Peek 1-6 Chapters
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When I left my abusive boyfriend, I thought I was putting all my troubles behind me. But to my horror, it was only the beginning. I stared across the cabin unable to breath, into his pleasant face. I wondered… how could I have not known he was a monster?

After living with an abusive boyfriend, Anna Baker flees for her life, and seeks the safety of her older brother, Jeff. Her destination … New Orleans where Jeff lives as a second-year resident at a local hospital. When Anna meets the dashing neighbor, Ethan LaBlanc, a third-year resident, the two begin a budding romance, but not without interference by Jeff. Despite his protest, Anna finds herself falling for Ethan. In the meantime, Jeff insist Anna sees a therapist. She suffers from childhood amnesia. She can’t remember anything before the age of ten. Soon Anna discovers that relationships are never easy. Especially when she discovers that Ethan has dated her therapist and possibly still is even though he denies it. Unexpectedly, a fracture in their relationship surfaces. Dr. Kim Rice, the therapist, has a complete different story. Mistrust for Anna and a deadly triangle of love begins to settle like dust in the dessert, and her mind begins spiraling out of control. Is it possible she is experiencing early signs of schizophrenia, hearing voices and imagining things that are not there? Fighting through the cobwebs between reality and fantasy, she realizes that nothing is what it seems. Someone is trying to harm her but why? Though, the most haunting question of all is … who?

Shattered dreams, heartbreaking betrayal and a love that knows no bounds…

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