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Falcon Heart: Chronicle I (epic Medieval historical fantasy with threads of mystery and romance) (Falcon Chronicle Book 1)
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Fierce cry, in the sky, echo my heart’s cry …

First daughter of her stronghold in Britannia, Kyrin Cieri wants only the chance to name the lord who will rule beside her. But her world ends when Arab slavers murder her mother and leave Kyrin for dead. Then Kyrin discovers a strange falcon dagger hidden on her mother’s breast, and fears her master and the blade by day while dreams of a captive falcon haunt her nights.

The falcon in her dreams is more than it appears. But Kyrin Cieri is determined to escape and find justice for her mother’s blood.

Stolen away to Araby by Ali Ben Aidon, Kyrin faces her night terrors as she studies the unarmed art of Subak with Tae Chisun, an exiled warrior from the East. Hand, heart, and blade, Kyrin learns Subak from her husband-in-name to protect her from the raiders of the sands and the secrets of the caliph’s court. Alaina Ilen journeys beside her over sand and sea, more faithful than a sister by blood.

But destiny calls them all.

As the three navigate between deadly raiders of the sands and the equally deadly secrets of the caliph’s court, Ali Ben Aidon’s vengeance bears terrible fruit. Kyrin must choose who will live and who will die.

And the falcon calls,Spread wings where freedoms lie, rise over stone for hope to vie.

Defying the caliph’s guard, dagger against sword, Kyrin will earn her own swift end. Or she can defy her master’s command and condemn her companions to fates worse than death.

One will live, one will be taken, and one will break the bonds of earth. Fly, falcon heart, fly.

If you fancy adventure, historical fiction, or fantasy such as Jeff Wheeler’s The Queen’s Poisoner, Stephen Lawhead’s King Raven, or Lisa T. Bergren’s River of Time traveling series, then grab your copy of Falcon Heart today!

Do you crave flowing, fast-paced prose that transports you to another place and time, that wraps you in a spell with a magic all its own?

One reviewer calls this epic historical fantasy, “A captivating tale, vividly depicted at every turn. I could hardly put it down!”

Editorial note: Exciting, engaging, rich. Adventure, intrigue, battles, all the elements of a good tale. –Lynn Leissler


Seliam ran in, swinging. His blade would cut her in half. She evaded the edge by a hair, screaming defiance in his ear, and struck.

The falcon slid clean from his stomach to his back. She followed the blade and slid her other arm about his neck from behind. Her dagger tip pricked his spine.

With bated breath, the crowd waited for his belly to spill. His body arched back, Seliam wavered, his blade loose in his hand, his breath wrenching hollow through him. . . .

Kyrin shouted, “Yield!”

Seliam fell limp. She staggered, unable to hold him with one arm, but unwilling to slide the falcon in her sash. Her hand quivered at his back.

She had reversed the blade. If she killed him, she broke Ali’s wager. Her falcon’s blunt haft sped toward his temple . . .

Crossover: Find the Eternal, the Adventure

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