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Falling in Love with My Boss Book 1 (Billionaire Romance Short Stories): One Night Stand

Where did I go wrong in my life?” I asked myself almost on a daily basis when I looked in the mirror. I was no longer happy and barely smiled. Every day seemed to be the same thing with my husband, William. Life had taken its course, but I wasn’t prepared for the way it turned around. I would have never caught myself ten years ago when we had been college sweethearts. Now ten years so far away and often I try to go back to the past to kiss it one last time, wondering if this time would be the last.

Carlipian College was where I had met my husband. He had majored in medicine and I majored in business and business administration. Secretly back then I dreamed of being a CEO for a large company. That was just a dream. Graduation had brought joy to my parents, a new life and a diploma I wouldn’t use for a while. William and I got married shortly after graduation and he was the type of man who thought women should stay at home. That was short lived when we almost lost everything we owned due to a poor investment.

Constantly I wonder where the love we had gone. He had changed and wasn’t the same man I had met and fell in love with. He was now trying to hide the fact he had other women on the side. It wasn’t any secret what had been going on for some time. His cell phone had a password on it and locked when it wasn’t in his hands. His work clothes had female’s perfume and lipstick on them neither was things that I would where.

I knew I would never have the answers of why he did what he did.

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