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STEM (Zombpunk Book 1)
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Elder Tull is a Puke, one of the few unconverted. Without a stem, he’s been discarded by society.


Those converted now fed directly on electricity, through a power socket attached to their sternums. This cybernetic implant has transformed mankind: everyone is beautiful, everyone is healthy, everyone is thin. The stem regulates everything.

Meanwhile, the Pukes are left to scavenge in the gutter, their minds burned out by starvation. Forced to squabble for what few crumbs remain, they’ve resigned themselves to living like the walking dead, shambling through a world of the eternally young…

Until the day it all comes crashing down.

One tiny glitch in the stem and the world goes insane. The few Pukes left now face a new threat: the mindless, snarling jaws of those Stems that had once seemed so perfect. With the lights out, they’re searching for a new source of energy…. hungry for human flesh…

Zombpunk: STEM is a postmodernist reinterpretation of the classic zombie genre, where the ranks of the walking dead are not filled with filthy, rotting corpses, but the young, forever perfect empty husks of a collapsed consumer culture.

When the world finally runs out of food, will the living envy the (un)dead?

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