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Torture Chamber

Dr. Worthington purchased Bentley Mansion with stolen money he used from the banks he robbed in another state. The mansion was fully furnished with medieval torture devices kept down in the basement of the mansion. He had a plan to pose as a doctor and lure doctors from the local hospital and have parties at his mansion to show off his collection of medieval torture devices to his guests. Sometimes he would put his guests in the devices and take their pictures to put in his photo album.

One day he decided he would have an all night poker game at his mansion on Halloween. Dr. Worthington called some of the doctors he got acquainted with at the hospital to see if they were interested. He was able to talk Dr. Brown, Dr. Stevens and Dr. Tarington, into playing. He told them to dress in costumes, because it was Halloween.

Halloween finally arrived and Dr. Worthington went all out on decorating the mansion with Halloween decorations. They all showed up around 10pm. It was storming outside which only made Halloween night that much more special. The only thing his doctor friends weren’t aware of when they showed up to play poker was Dr. Worthington was a sore loser and a thief. He also wasn’t a real doctor, and the mansion was bought from money he stole from banks he robbed. Dr. Worthington was a smooth talker and a very likeable person and everyone he came in contact with believed his lies.

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