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Valerie – Trapped: A gripping fast-paced crime thriller (Valerie Dawson Novella Series Book 1)
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Forced to pay a debt with deadly consequences …

Valerie Dawson is forced into a life of crime when her wayward sister and two unknown men turn up at her Sydney apartment, demanding that she pay off her sister’s debt. She complies, believing that if she does what they want, then they will leave her and her family alone.
But when the people closest to her are killed, she discovers that there is no way out — she is trapped, caught in a web of corruption, where even the police cannot be trusted. She decides to fight for her freedom and finds an unexpected ally, but soon realises there is much more at stake and that her next move could be deadly.
A gripping fast-paced crime thriller!

Part 1, Valerie Dawson Novella Series
Australian English Spelling

Valerie: Isolated (Part 2, Valerie Dawson Novella Series)
Pre-orders Available Soon

*Includes A Sample of the Gripping Australian Crime Thriller JUST PLAY ALONG (Book 1, Andy Knight Series)
PLEASE NOTE: Each book in the Valerie Dawson Novella Series is a ‘serial short read’ compared to the full-length standalone novels in the Andy Knight Series.

About the Valerie Dawson Series
Whilst the Valerie Dawson Series can be read on its own, it was originally written as a novella side-series to compliment the full-length novels in the Andy Knight Series. Reading these series together will provide a richer reading experience as the characters’ stories are intertwined throughout both series.
Each part of the Valerie Dawson Series is time sensitive and has a recommended reading order to avoid spoilers, although if preferred you can read each series separately.
Either JUST PLAY ALONG (Book 1, Andy Knight Series), or VALERIE – TRAPPED (Part 1, Valerie Dawson Novella Series) can be read first. Then to avoid any spoilers the following reading order is recommended:
1. Valerie: Trapped (Part 1, Valerie Dawson Novella Series)
2. Just Play Along (Book 1, Andy Knight Series)
3. Valerie: Isolated (Part 2, Valerie Dawson Novella Series) – pre-orders available soon
4. Bones of Deception (Book 1, Andy Knight Series) – pre-orders available soon

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