Arianna Rose: The Awakening (Book 2)

A modern-day witch-hunt is underway. Young girls are being killed, accused of possessing dark powers. But are those targeted and slain witches? Does witchcraft exist?
Arianna Rose was different from other girls her age, but suddenly realizes her differences are far greater than she originally believed. Strange new abilities arise shortly after she moves to a new town and starts a new school. She must struggle to understand them. And contain them.
Overwhelmed by her newfound powers and faced with the notion of what she might be, Arianna fights to keep her life normal.
But normal may be impossible.
A sinister entity stalks her, conspiring against her. Arianna must protect those closest to her from the evil closing in around her.
Will Arianna Rose’s abilities be a gift, or a curse that destroys her and everyone she loves?
Find out in this dark paranormal thrill ride…

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