Born Sinner: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance (Blood Ravens MC Book 1)

I was born to break girls like her.

I planned to make her beg for mercy.
But Maria took me by surprise.
I’ve been a bad man, a born sinner since Day 1.
But with her… there might be hope for redemption.


I don’t believe in love.
A cheating ex cured me of that stupid delusion.
In her wake, she left seething rage and a death wish.

And now, it’s time to get my revenge.

Because the woman who broke my heart has a younger sister…
And a father who’s the head of the biggest cartel in the state.
So why not use the innocent girl to destroy the guilty man?

I’ve spent years doing anything that my club, the Blood Ravens MC, needs me to do.
I collect debts, break skulls, enforce the outlaw’s brand of justice.
Compared to all those dirty jobs, this is going to be pure and sweet.

But Maria isn’t the cruel cartel princess I expected her to be.
She’s too smart, too sexy.
And when she says she wants to help us bring down her father, I don’t know what to do.

Can my enemy’s daughter be trusted?


They took me.
Or rather, he took me.


He chained me to a bed, made me his.
And deep down, I loved it.

But afterwards, I begged to know what he wanted from me.
Or more importantly, from my father.
That sick, cruel father of mine who wanted to bar me from my dreams.
The father I’m desperate to make pay for his crimes.

So when Blade told me what they planned to do, I offered to help.
I helped the man who kidnapped me.

Because, for the first time, I felt like I mattered.

Maybe I’m being stupid and naïve.
Maybe, all the biker sees when he looks at me is a silly girl, a midnight plaything, too distracted by his brawny shoulders and his prowess in bed to realize I meant nothing to him.

But maybe – just maybe – he feels what I’m feeling, too.
That’s all I can hope for.

Because I didn’t want to fall for the man who took me.
I just wanted to be free.

But I’m learning now that freedom has a price.
And that price might just be my heart.

Born Sinner is book 1 of the Blood Ravens MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Inked Sinner and Tough Sinner are available everywhere now!

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