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Clockwise & Gone: A Time Travel Adventure (In Times Like These)

Would You Murder Your Past To Save Your Future?

Emily Davis is living a night to celebrate, but before the champagne can be finished, she finds herself facing strange and unsettling realities. When her new fiancé returns from a crisis at the power plant and begins acting strangely, Emily is dragged into a whirlwind of events that make her question everything she knows about the future, and even the nature of time itself.

With a glimpse of a reality yet to be, Emily must fight the darkness inside the people she thought she knew best.

Fun, fast-paced, and thought-provoking—fans of twisting time travel, The Twilight Zone, and Black Mirror will enjoy this stand-alone, novella-length adventure in the world of In Times Like These. Frequently enjoyed by readers of Douglas E Richards, Jodi Taylor, and Robert Heinlein.

Shake up your reality today!

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