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Kernel Panic: An Architect Novella (The Architect)

An Architect novella, telling the story of the master criminal’s first job in a gripping, action packed thriller.

From the back cover:
Seth Mortimer, the man who will become the criminal mastermind known as the Architect, is trying to launch his new business selling plans to the underground when he is offered a job.

27 hours to get a murderous gangland boss’s money back from the hyper intelligent hacker who stole it. Not everybody’s idea of a dream first job but Seth can see an upside. Advertising.

Now, if he can just avoid a professional assassin, outwit the hacker and avoid getting himself arrested, it should be a walk in the park.

Includes a preview of the full length novel that introduced the Architect, The Voynich Deception.

The Architect books can be read in any order as they all stand alone, however, if you want to read them in chronological order then it goes like this:

Kernel Panic
The Keycode
The Voynich Deception
The Fourth Target

You can find Michael Lancashire’s writing in the following categories:

Action & Adventure
Crime Thrillers
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