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Life Skills Series – Learning Manners or To Fart Or Not To Fart (Children’s Life Skills Series Book 1)

Jade, a cheerful young girl, has the tendency to … ummm … fart! That’s perfectly normal and sociably acceptable, as long as she knows with whom and where she can fart freely. However, this is not yet the case.

Join Jade and her father as they visit Aunt Cora’s house, where Jade cracks one. See how Jade’s father helps her understand, in a fun and creative way, what can be done inside the home and what can be done outside the home.

Asaf Shani is the father of three girls. In the last 15 years, he has worked with thousands of people worldwide to help them improve their conflict management skills. Asaf’s clients often tell him, “If only I would have known these life skills 30 years ago …” and “Why wasn’t I taught this stuff when I was a kid?”

These remarks, usually accompanied with a sigh, were the motivation for Asaf to write “Jade’s Life Skills Series”—a series of books intended to facilitate a discussion between parents and their children about all those latent and vitally important life skills.

Learning Manners is the first book in “Jade’s Life Skills Series.” In this book, through the international subject of … farting, the importance of context is brought to light.

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