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Rapid Story Development #5: The Moral Premise-How to Build a Bulletproof Narrative Engine for Any Story

All the story experts talk about it. Screenwriters, novelists, short story writers—everyone—speaks about the importance of writing stories with a moral core, having characters who are flawed, creating heroes and heroines with relatable human foibles. But few if any of these experts talk about how to pull these things off in practice. The fact is, stories that lack a moral premise deliver flat, one dimensional, and passive characters—and dull stories. Learning how to create stories with a moral center is a critical story development skill every writer needs to master. “Rapid Story Development: The Moral Premise–How to Build a Bulletproof Narrative Engine for Any Story” is a speciality e-book by Jeff Lyons that addresses this all-too-important issue of the moral premise: how to find one, how to build one, and how to use one to drive the dramatic engine of any story. But more than some academic examination, this e-book actually demonstrates how to deliver on the page in any genre or literary format (novel, screenplay, etc.). If you want to write stories with dramatic engines that won’t quit, then you need this e-book.

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