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RED MIST FALLING: Part One of the Red Mist Trilogy

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This book –

Zana is stunningly beautiful. And she is being closely watched by a secret department of MI6 codenamed DIAL. But after months of observation they are still no nearer to knowing what terrorist atrocity she is planning. Someone has to go undercover, gain her trust and discover the truth.
They know just the person. Despite her tough upbringing she looks like butter wouldn’t melt, and has an air of sophistication that belies her true self.

Madeline deWinter works for MI6. Her specialist profession doesn’t officially exist; she is a mere shadow to those who wield the power. She nullifies people for a living, and is ideally suited to the work – she doesn’t have a heart, or a soul.
First off she refused the mission, but then made a life-changing U-turn and said yes. A decision she would come to question as her world and her emotions spiralled out of control. But it wasn’t until the final curtain began to close and all hell broke loose, that she finally saw Zana’s true colours.
And discovered the one certainty of life with a heart was that sooner or later it would get shattered into tiny pieces.

Red Mist Falling contains several scenes of an erotic nature.

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