The Devil’s Gamble (Lost Coast Harbor, Book 4)

A cop with a code… 
Ethan Ford used to spend more time breaking laws than enforcing them. Now, he’s determined to redeem himself by cleaning up Lost Coast Harbor’s police department…but his attraction to the seductive local bookie is tempting him back to his sinful ways…

A woman with a dream…
Bridget Donnelly wants to be more than just another Donnelly Devil. For years, she’s worked to save enough money to open her own winery. All she needs is a few more years as Lost Coast Harbor’s only bookie. But when she catches the eye of the sexy new police chief, her dangerous desires put her own future at risk.

When a real threat emerges, Ethan will do anything to protect Bridget—but he can’t protect her from herself. Can he look the other way while the woman he loves defies the law he’s sworn to uphold—or will he gamble it all to save her?

The Lost Coast Harbor series
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The Devil’s Gamble (Lost Coast Harbor, Book 4)
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