THE TAKEOVER: When Love, Streets and Family Collide: A Novella

Would you stand by the person you love most, even if you knew it would destroy you and everything you’ve built? What if it was your child? WITNESS KING PINS COLLIDE

When everyone wants to Takeover the streets, who will come out on top?

“Family isn’t everything; it’s the only thing,” has been the code Tyrik Anderson, aka, Tye has lived by since his first child came into the world and breathed his first breath twenty-one years ago. However, just because Tyrik lives by codes and morals, that doesn’t mean his son Shy does. When Tye’s connect Carlos is viciously robbed, Carlos vows vengeance against all involved. Circumstances causes Tye to exit the game, however, he soon learns that he’s more involved now than ever before. Tye has no idea what’s going on around him, but he’ll soon find out that the same person he’s willing to take a bullet for, also happens to be the same one behind the gun.

Although raised by one of the city’s most respected drug dealers, Shy just can’t seem to stop fucking up. Cars, clothes, and trust funds aren’t enough to an ungrateful Shy, who seems to would rather trade the streets over his comfortable lifestyle. Instead of listening to his father, Shy chooses to embrace the streets with his two friends Drama and Rum. Up to no good, and with ill intentions, they soon begin what will ultimately be a bloody war in the streets.

Tye’s daughter Tasha seems to be doing it all right, and to her, it’s finally paying off. Enrolled in college and successfully running her dad’s business, she still finds time to make room for love. Rich is like a dream come true to a naive Tasha. However, just like her father and brother, he’s tied to the streets in more ways than one.

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