Wicked Attack: FREE PREVIEW (First 6 Chapters) (Sam Wick Mission Files)

The President wants a New York Times reporter dead. A man, hell-bent to stop him but NOT everything is what it seems.

Sam Wick is the man the USA Government calls when it needs to get people out of the most dangerous places on earth. Where the Government cannot and will not go, he will. Sam Wick is the best operative the NSA has ever created.Period.

His mission: Extract Carlos Cruz-Diez – an NY Times reporter whose death warrant is signed by his own President.

Location: Venezuela Consulate in Vienna, Austria.

The Obstacle: Venezuela’s National Intelligence Service has sent sixteen of their best operatives to execute Carlos.

Timeline: Less than 24 hours.

Time is running out. Bullets are flying. Bodies are piling. Will Sam Wick succeed?

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