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A Cry Out Of Time (The Esme Chronicles Book 1)
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Welcome to the Second Edition of A Cry Out of Time!
With more that 7000 words added, including a new chapter, Esme’s story is more detailed than ever.

A storm races for the Oregon Coast, but this storm is different. Not of this world, this raging menace steals souls, and Esme is about to meet one of those souls whom the storm is coming to collect.

Upon arrival at Devil’s Elbow and the Heceta House, Esme immediately begins noticing strange things around her. She hears voices, watches in horror as a ghost ship crashes into the cliff side, and feels a presence seeking her help.

Can Esme help this presence? Will she be able to put the pieces of this puzzle together in time? What will she learn about herself in the process? Esme must learn to rely on a strength she never knew she had, for a new friend she will never forget.

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