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A Las Vegas Romance: A Flight Attendant’s Crazy Romance With A Billionaire. Billionaire Romance – Book 1 (A Contemporary Romance Series – Romance Novels For Women)
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A Las Vegas Billionaire Romance

Jessica King loved her job as a flight attendant even with the long hours. Though it did make having a serious relationship almost impossible. Her choices had been made long ago, and she was just fine with them.

However, a stop in Las Vegas and a week layover might change her mind. Enter, the hot Harry Marrow, and her life is thrown into turmoil. He’s tall and so handsome, his olive skin is enticing her to feel more than she wants too!

Harry Marrow, billionaire businessman extraordinaire. He has plenty of money and loves his life. He’s never felt lonely or missed companionship before. But in walks Jessica King, who literally bumps into him. He is fascinated by her and wants to get to know her more.

But can two people who travel all the time really make something work? Read and find out what all happens in Vegas.

A Las Vegas Romance is the first book, in the contemporary romance series about a young flight attendant, combining “crazy romance” writing with billionaire romance and traditional holiday romance, resulting in romantic adventures of crazy love, passion and drama.

Falling For The Billionaire is the anticipated, second book, in the contemporary romance series about a young flight attendant and a billionaire. You can find it by searching for it or by clicking the link below:

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