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Amabelle (Brat’s First Time) (So Pure Yet So Sinful Book 1)
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Amabelle has been saving herself till marriage, despite her boyfriend’s incessant begging. One night, when her mom and the guy she married go out of town, Amabelle throws a party at her house, and with everyone having fun around her, she almost lets her boyfriend go too far – but not quite.

The man of the house comes back from the trip early next morning, to find the house in a huge disarray from the party, and wakes Amabelle up to have her help him clean up, before mom gets home. Afterwards, he confronts with lots of questions, doubting her wholesomeness after a wild party like that. She assured him she’s still innocent, and smitten by the older man, even offers to prove it. Of course, he takes her up on the offer, seduced by the brat’s youthfulness, and Amabelle’s goal of staying chaste flies out the window.

Author’s Note: This book is a part of So Pure Yet So Sinful series. All other books in this series are available in Kindle Unlimited. They can be read independently of each other, and each book has an HFN. The other books in the series are now available, just click on the Series link below. This story contains some scorching hot sex and creative adult situations. If you have problems with these themes, you might want to skip this one. However, if you like your kinky stories with the heat level turned way up (including some back door action!), this is the story for you. Enjoy!

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