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Belonging To You Book One & Two: Special Edition
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Presented for the first time as a Special Edition are Books One and Two of Lucia Jordan’s Bestselling series, ‘Belonging To You’.

Charlotte Wells is an employee of the advertising firm Thayer-Kite, and she’s about to land a promising chain of coffee shops. Her boss, Martin Thayer, pairs her with Drew Foster to make the final pitch. Drew is gorgeous, but Charlotte doesn’t appreciate his presence. After a tense trip via train, they make their meeting. Charlotte stumbles in the face of a rival’s offer, but Drew manages to save the account. Charlotte is elated, and all the desire that she’s been suppressing boils over as they return to her hotel room. They share an intense night, and Charlotte is already longing for more as they head back to New York. What waits for her in New York is something so unexpected, it will change everything as Charlotte is caught up in a web of power and desire.

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

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