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Blatant Deception
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2014 Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist! Inspired by true events …
When lonely psychotherapist Claudia Carson goes online to find love, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Believing that she has met Diego, the man of her dreams, she falls for him hard and fast in a matter of days.
Yet, little does she know that the true identity of her steamy email relationship is a sexual predator by the name of Jonathan Fardy who sits in his secret lair, hoping to find perfect victims to toy with online. A mild-mannered real estate agent by day, he is the geeky, office chum –barely noticed by those around him. If they only knew what he did behind closed doors.
Due to some odd coincidences that play out, Fardy ends up in Claudia’s house – unbeknownst to her- and as the stakes are upped, he goes from being an Internet jerk to a potentially dangerous predator.
Blinded by her infatuation with the mysterious Diego, Claudia ignores all the red flags screaming at her to run and realizes only too late that it’s not that easy to pull the plug on the man on the other end of cyberspace.

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