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Caught By The Dragon: Dragonhaeme (Beyond The Planes Book 1)
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Lena the Thief

I live an interesting existence – wielding my unique skills via a lucrative if questionable profession.
If life is a bit lonely now and then, I can handle it.
After all, there are worse problems to have than this yawning hunger to belong that I’ve had all my life – right?
Going to the ground after my latest successful job, I never expected to encounter a dragon.
He makes the hunger go away, he makes me want to belong – to Him!

Drekk the Dragon, the primordial beast.

Throughout this endless life ,in so many places, always did I seek her.
Now beyond hope, I have found her.
She is my heart.
Never will I let her go. In all ways she is mine and I will do anything to own her. Anything.
She is MY Treasure. Mine.

This is a sweet and sexy paranormal romance which ends in an MF HEA.

No violence, No cheating. Insta Love alert.

Warning: This book contains mature content and is for readers who are over 18.

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