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Control (A Fated Fantasy Quest Adventure Book 7)
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Bake the bread. Deliver the weapons. Plan the escape…
“Do you ever feel like we’re just living out someone else’s idea of what our lives are supposed to be?” Colin asked Meghan.
“More and more each day,” she answered. “It’s like we were born according to someone’s plan. We were introduced into the world of magic because of someone’s plan. And now, we have this battle ahead of us, all because someone else had a prophecy that said we would. And yet, I have a feeling that even if we tried to fight against it, somehow we’d just be dragged back in.”

“Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m always just a step behind. Like someone else is controlling the board, and I’m just going where they tell me to go. Maybe that’s not true.”

“Or maybe it is. Maybe that’s how prophecies work. We were brought into this world for a specific purpose and until that purpose is fulfilled, maybe we don’t get a say.”

A prophecy made long ago… is fate bringing them closer to fulfilling their destiny, taking them on a predetermined journey? Or is each step they’ve taken so far just a move in someone else’s game?

Please Read in Order Starting with Book 1, Awaken

Book 1: Awaken
Book 2: Shifting
Book 3: Embrace
Book 4: Broken
Book 5: Divided
Book 6: Taken
Book 7: Control
Book 8: Forsaken
Book 9: Sacrifice
Book 10: Redeem
Book 11: Ascend (The Final Book in the Series)

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