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Heart Throbs: A Novel (City Lights New York Book 1)
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She got away before. But now he’s back…

Acting royalty Amanda Monroe and cocky movie hero Darrell Rawlings were once more than friends. Okay, twice. Darrell would have swept Amanda away forever, but she had her doubts. That’s ancient history.

Now she’s set to wrap her role on a New York sitcom, marry the non-actor of her dreams, and fade from the spotlight.

Then Darrell hits town to guest-star for a week, and the joke’s on her. He’s got wedding plans of his own, to the last woman Amanda would choose for Darrell.

It’s anything but quiet on the set as new tensions flare and old secrets come to light.

Soon Amanda must choose between the life she’s always wanted and an even brighter future.

Book #1 in the City Lights New York series of standalone contemporary romantic comedies.

To find out what happens to Darrell and Amanda after the epilogue, and meet a new couple destined for feel-good romance, check out A Birthday in December.
Then return to Queens with Who Wants to Know? for sibling rivalry and more sweet romance. Does the old neighborhood hold a second chance for a loser at love? The conclusion of the series.

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