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Into the Fire (The Prince of Zammar; 1)
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Under Zammar’s sun, passion and secrets run deep.

Prince Jalen ‘Anaq Al-Jameyri, oldest son and heir to the kingdom of Zammar, is an acclaimed general, a war hero, and also a man who hides dark secrets behind a mask.

Sadie worked as a healer on the outskirts of the capital, offering her services to her neighbors to cure illnesses and injuries. But her abilities have attracted the attention of the authorities, and she is now awaiting death, accused of a crime she didn’t commit.

When all seems lost, the masked prince stays the executioner’s hand and instead offers Sadie a bargain: a year of her life in his service. In exchange, when the year has ended, she will have her life and freedom again. With nothing left to lose, she accepts the deal.

In the palace of Zammar, under Jalen’s expert hands, Sadie will learn of pleasure and desire unlike anything she could have ever imagined. And she will step right Into the Fire…

Into the Fire is a 11.5k words novellette (around 55 pages) and is the first of the Prince of Zammar serial.

Warning: This novellette contains hot consensual sex between a handsome and dominant prince and a fiery healer saved from certain death.

The Prince of Zammar :
1 – Into the Fire

2 – Slow Burn

3 – Smoldering

4 – Rising Heat

5 – Up in Flames

6 – From the Ashes

Also available : The Prince of Zammar, The Complete Serial


She stood on the top step, dripping water on the floor. The evaporation made goosebumps appear on her arms and legs, a stark contrast to the blush that made her face burn with heat.

“Step forward,” he commanded.

A small sigh escaped her lips when he didn’t demand that she remove her hands, which covered her most private areas. Her relief was short-lived, however, for as soon as she stepped away from the edge of the pool, he started a slow circuit around her.

She had never felt so much like a piece of merchandise than she did at that moment. She didn’t like that sensation one bit. Irked, she quipped, “Like what you see?”

“Of what is visible, yes,” he replied, not seeming to mind her lack of respect.

Did nothing ever raise his ire, she wondered.

He came to a halt behind her and she became intensely aware of his physical presence even though she couldn’t see him. She started turning, but a sharp command stopped her.

“Don’t move.”

Sadie froze, hesitating between obeying him and turning around anyway. In the end, only the fact that she was naked and at his mercy stopped her from disregarding the command.

The next instant, two of his fingers glided over the skin of her back and she tensed in uncertainty.

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