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Let’s Play Ball (Balls To The Walls Erotica Series Book 1)
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This is book one in the BALLS TO THE WALLS Erotica Series. It is a BWWM interracial erotic romance.

Coach Mason Rizza is a loving husband and dedicated father. Then one day he experiences lust at first sight. He becomes infatuated with Kari, the mother of a kid on his little league baseball team.

Temptation, desire and curiosity lands Mason in a steamy affair with the woman of his dreams. After he takes Kari as his mistress, he is forced to lie to his family and neglect the life he once knew. When things spiral out of control, will Mason have the strength to make the right decision?

Book 1 – Let’s Play Ball
Book 2 – Line Of Scrimmage
Book 3 – Full Court Press
Book 3.5- Free Agent
Book 4 – Bases Loaded
Book 5 – Flag On The Play
Book 6 – Out Of Bounds

This ebook is for mature readers only, it contains adult language and strong sexual content.

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