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Ron Mancell, Known to the streets simply as Mancell. He was the most respected and feared man in the whole city. His empire didn’t have many only because his trust was limited. He ran pretty much all of Atlanta, he also owned one of the most successful nightclubs. When you have that much power, you create enemies. What happens when tragedy strikes and the empire is left in the hands of his only daughter, Ayana.
Ayana was a beautiful published model whom was no stranger to what her father does. He taught her how to protect herself and fear no one at a young age. She was book smart, but knew the streets just a good. When her father no longer holds the title, will she be the heir to his throne or will the empire crash with her in it? Can she live up to be Mancell’s Reign and uphold as the Queen Pin of the entire empire. Now that her dad is gone, his problems become her problems. She learns really quick that the streets is not a runway. Is she ready to handle the heat that comes with being the daughter of a king pin?

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