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Medleys & Musings: From the Authors Of Under A Mulberry Moon
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Medleys & Musings From the Authors Of Under A Mulberry Moon is a collection of short articles about the stories contained in the anthology Under a Mulberry Moon. Each section contains a cover art, a description, excerpt, the author’s favorite recipe, and the author’s biography.
In the anthology nine award-winning and bestselling authors present sweet western historical stories to ignite your imagination and feed your passion for reading. Let us sweep you away from your daily cares and entertain you with our sigh-worthy novellas set between 1865 and 1900.
Medleys & Musings offers a chance to get a taste of each story while waiting for the anthology. The following books are included:
Millwright’s Daughter by Zina Abbott
Worth the Wait by Patricia PacJac Carroll
Ada and the Texas Cavalryman (Brides of Texas Code) by Carra Copelin
A Family For Merry by Caroline Clemmons
A Family For Polly by Jacquie Rogers
Comes A Specter by Keta Diablo
The Widow Buys A Groom by P.A. Estelle
Matthew’s Freedom by Cissie Patterson
The Lady Lassoes an Outlaw by Charlene Raddon

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