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Prey: Hunted: M/M Paranormal Shifter Erotic Romance
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Liam, a wolf shifter, has been on the hunt for criminals for years. He’s seen it all and he can handle anything. Anything, that is, until a simple catch goes horribly wrong. When he runs into Ari Chopra, his current target, the sexual chemistry is instant. When they sleep together, things get muddled, and Liam finds himself struggling to reconcile his job and his heart.

Ari is a tiger who has been on the run for the last two years. He coasts on charm and sex appeal when he can, and shrewd manipulation when it’s needed. When one slip up puts him in harm’s way, Ari is going to do everything he can to keep himself safe. He just didn’t expect to be attracted to the one person who can turn him in and ruin everything. There has to be a way to make this work for him, right?

Wolves and tigers fight like cats and dogs, but what happens when they feel themselves falling in love? Find out what happens in this adventure of the bounty hunter, the criminal, and the dangerous secret someone is hiding.

Enjoy a steamy, shifter, gay erotic romance for 18+ readers. Part 1 of 3. Read your fantasy.

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