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Rage: Short Story 1 (Lost Library Short Stories)
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SHORT FICTION. Logan Braxton faces impossible odds as he attempts a coup against the violently powerful man who holds the position as Alpha of the Pack—his brother Richard. Ruled by terror and violence, the Texas Pack is crumbling and none are powerful enough to challenge the Alpha. Logan will risk his life, his honor, and his place in Lycan society to save those dearest to him.
Set within Kate Baray’s Lost Library world circa 1979, Rage delves into John and Logan’s turbulent history before they restructured the Texas Pack. For readers of the Lost Library series, this is a small slice of the past that created characters you’ve met in the Lost Library series. NOTE: Rage is SHORT FICTION, approximately 10 pages in length.

This short story is a prequel to Lost Library, the first full length novel in the series.

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