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Rough Rowdy Reckless
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Three best friends on a last chance trip to plan on a peaceful getaway taking in the beautiful sights and soothing sounds of the famous South-By-Southwest Music Festival. But their innocent plans are quickly led astray as each of them meets a tempting Texan (or two) that will take them on their own memorable and potentially life altering journeys. An untamed millionaire, a reclusive cowboy, an uptight lawyer, a powerful rancher and an almost famous country singer. Will the girls’ lives and friendships ever be the same after this scorching week in Texas? Will any of these sexy-as-sin suitors turn out to be Mr. Right? Or will this week be all fun and games with Mr. Right-Now?!

Series Release Dates:
Book Two: Rough – Available Now on Kindle Unlimited!
Book Three: Rowdy – Coming in January
Book Four: Reckless – TBA

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