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Serial Killers True Crime: Chilling True Crime Cases Of The Worlds Most Twisted Serial Killers And Criminals (True Crime, Organized Crime Book 1)
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Chilling True Crime Cases Of The Worlds Most Twisted Serial Killers And Criminals
A lot of people have hobbies – most of the time, that hobby is directed by their penchant for a certain thing; sometimes travel and exploration, sometimes food, and in other cases, crafts.

However, there are people whose hobbies consist of sinister things: some of them desire to kill women, both young and old, children, or homosexuals.

Serial killers often act unpredictably – even experts who study them agree that there is no telling how they will react once they have completed a murder.

Many of them become perfectionists, often using the same MO throughout their killing spree and fine tuning it to suit their tastes. Others become braver and take more risks to increase the adrenaline rush.

For others, each murder becomes more brutal than the next, while in some cases, they virtually stop – as if their need to kill had been sated appropriately. All we can say for certain is that it is an area of interest for many people and that many movies, books and television shows have been created in response to this.

In this book, you will learn of 5 people whose desire to murder was sated – learn how they started, why did they did it, and how they were captured.

If you love reading about the twisted minds and heinous actions of some of the worlds most psychotic serial killers, then grab this book now!

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