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UPS Driving Gone Bad: 21 true stories of what NOT to do when driving for UPS and making deliveries (UPS Career Series)
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You landed your job with UPS, and now it’s up to you to make it the best career experience you can have!
Since you’ve been through UPS School and you’re driving the Package Car, you already know that UPS has high expectations of you. And you know that when you’re meeting those expectations, your career will be Rosy and your life will be GREAT!
There is a ton of pressure not to make mistakes, so Damien’s stories from when he was a UPS Driver will teach you how to make yourself look GREAT!
Damien created this book based on many years of making mistakes as a UPS Driver, fixing those mistakes, and doing really well with the company. Instead of getting into trouble yourself, learn from Damien’s mistakes and become the Best UPS Driver YOU Can Be!
UPS Driving Gone Bad teaches you how to excel with UPS as a Package Car Driver. It really is a Great Career!
You’ll learn:Exactly how to interact with customers without losing your cool, even when the customer is a JERK!
How to Stay Healthy as a Package Driver even when you’re getting pressure from Every Direction!
Unreported Accidents – should they ever happen? You’ll find out here!
How to conduct the Full Pre-Trip Inspection – not doing it can create all kinds of trouble!
Bringing packages back without a scan – can you get away with it? Find out here!
The do’s and don’ts of delivering High Value Packages – messing this one up will hurt your career!
All this and 15 Other Vital Topics that will keep you in Good Graces with UPS, right where you want your career to be!

If you want to succeed at UPS and have an Awesome Career, read UPS Driving GONE BAD so you can avoid my mistakes!

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