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Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens
Myths and Legends of Ancien...
by E.M. Berens
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About History Books

Take a stroll back in time and relive notable events that have evolved the world to what it is today. History buffs over the years have devoted their time to discovering the different angles that have been brought up by the past. Browse through to uncover all of the mysteries, truths and actualities, and revive history’s greatest stories.

What are History Books?

History books rehash past events to enlighten readers the details of what took place in a certain amount of time. It can explain a particular time period, era, describe a particular people, events happening in different countries, wars, political matters, past catastrophes such as the holocaust, 9/11 tragedy, and other historic affairs.

These history stories can come in forms of fiction or non-fiction, taken in a place of a different time period, invented plotlines to real-life events. History buffs can read free online novels downloaded straight to the computer or e-reader instantly. is a library filled with a copious amount of e-books to choose from, available in many genres.