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Nook HD

Nook HD

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The Nook HD stands as one of the highest quality e-readers on the market today, providing terrific readability, and one of the most affordable costs on the e-reader market today.

It has been called the world’s lightest 7-inch e-reader, and at just under half a pound, it will fit into any backpack or suitcase without you even noticing. The Nook HD, as the name implies, offers an incredible, rotating 1440×900 resolution touch-screen at 243ppi that works well in both sunlight and darkness. This makes it the highest-quality image you can find in a 7-inch e-reader. The words will be crisp, the images sharp, and your eyes will not strain – an issue with several e-readers today.

Furthermore, for readers with poor eyesight, the font sizes can increase up to only a few words on the page, large enough for anyone to read. Plus, once the eyes get tired, as anyone’s does after long reading sessions, the Nook HD’s text-to-speech feature lets you rest those eyes.

The Nook HD is available in both 8GB at $199, and 16GB at $229. That is tremendous capacity for one so small – watch your library fill up…and still have room for plenty more.

The appearance and design is also appealing. It has smooth, rounded edges that helps the device offer a more comfortable experience. Also, the glass on the screen prevents any fingerprints from sticking. This keeps the Nook HD looking clean and appealing. More so, the design of the device makes one-handed reading easier, which is an issue with the larger models on the market. So again, the Nook HD offers much ergonomic comfort.

The Nook HD also comes equipped with speakers and a headphone jack for its MP3 player. One could watch their shows or movies without disturbing the spouse. Those speakers don’t skimp on quality, either: expect television-grade sound booming from out the Nook HD.

In terms of size, the device is small. This in no way hinders the reading experience, as that size is still equivalent to your average paperback novel. A rubbery texture around the device keeps it in your hands, as many of the slick, plastic models on the market run the risk of falling to the ground to crack and break. Even dropping the Nook HD isn’t too much a concern, as it has been run through several durability tests and consistently comes up strong.

Something great to consider is the times you take your device into a Barnes & Noble. Given its WiFi capabilities, users can preview books while inside the bookstore, and then buy without standing in line. Even outside of the store, users can lend books out to friends and family. You can also download books from Barnes & Noble’s website, best done with Wi-Fi.

Perhaps the most exciting feature for the Nook HD, a small port on the back of the device offers the user to increase the Nook’s storage capacity all the way up to a whopping 64 GB. Watch that library grow all the more. Few other e-readers, if any at all, can match this. Most don’t even approach it.

For customers looking for that modern reading experience, the Nook HD provides the highest, most impressive quality. It is light, efficient, affordable, and offers tremendous resolution that is simply unmatched. With a clean, stylish appearance, it’s a treat to carry around and pull out at the coffee shop.

Look no further than the Nook HD.

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