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The Republic by Plato
The Republic
by Plato
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Ever wonder who was behind the John F. Kennedy assassination? Have a relative who endured the Vietnam War? Want to know what a presidential campaign encompasses? offers numerous politic books that are the perfect answer to these questions. Read about conspiracies within the government, how policies apply to different countries and cultures, mysterious scandals and violence all wrapped into one dramatic storyline.

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Non-fiction politic books discuss the running of governmental or state affairs including actions within civil governments, institutions, fields, and interest groups like corporate, academic, and religious segments of society. Politic novels often consist of social relations involving authority or power and methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy.

Reasons why politic e-books are so popular are because the narrative typically consists of scandal, violence, drama, scheming, and conspiracies, engaging readers the moment they turn the page. The tone of these stories can range in a variety of ways, either written in factual terms or intellectually clever and sound.

Find more topics related to politic books that involve issues on congress, education, foreign policy, and the presidential debate. These can also be fiction or non-fiction, providing an extensive assortment for readers. offers some of the most popular politic books that are easily accessible and free to download. Explore the variety of genres made available and start reading politic e-books today.