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Olive Branches Don’t Grow On Trees by Grace Mattioli
Olive Branches Don’t ...
by Grace Mattioli
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Ordained Irreverence by McMillian Moody
Ordained Irreverence
by McMillian Moody
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Girl Destroys the World by Yonatan Kirby
Girl Destroys the World
by Yonatan Kirby
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Prey on the Prowl – A Crime Novel by BS Murphy
Prey on the Prowl – A...
by BS Murphy
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About Fiction Books

Fiction books come in many subgenres that appeal to almost every reader out there. Capturing the imagination and taking it to a whole new level of originality and inventiveness is what fiction novels are all about. Get into the minds of William Shakespeare, Dr. Seuss, and J.K. Rowling, and start reading and understanding why these authors are as legendary as they are in the world of literature.

What are Fiction Books?

Fiction novels are an imaginative creation that does not represent actuality; it has either been completely made-up or inspired by real life events. These e-books are one of the top-downloaded genres on because of the wide range of storytellers. Authors could take you on a science fiction thriller, or engage you in a three-way love affair. Great fiction books are meant to set the imagination on fire and can connect to such a wide audience that collectively unites them together.

Fiction e-books are categorized as either literary or commercial. There are also mainstream fiction novels where it combines both literary and commercial stories that share relatable subject matters to readers. Example topics of mainstream fiction books may deal with family disputes, courtroom dramas, career matters, physical and mental disabilities, social pressures, to name a few.

What is Commercial Fiction?

Commercial fiction books are the most popular amongst readers because there are many subgenres that follow under this category such as western, science-fiction, romance, and mystery. Typically written in a short, easy-to-read manner, these free online novels effortlessly attracts readers of all ages.

What is Literary Fiction?

Literary fiction novels tend to attract more specific groups, such as those into reading intellectually adventurous books. These types of e-books contain notable qualities, such as excellent writing, originality in thought and style that rises above itself amongst ordinary level works. offers a wide range of fiction books, including commercial fiction and literary fiction novels amongst many other genres to choose from. Explore the list and download them instantly for free with