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About Science Fiction Books offers a wide range of e-books available for download. A collection of different genres can be found on this online library including very popular science fiction books.

What are Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) Books?

Science fiction books deal with imaginary, somewhat plausible or non-supernatural content that places its settings in either the future, in technology, space travel, and can involve paranormal or alien activities. Readers are fond of sci-fi books because it differentiates itself from fantasy where the imaginary elements seem possible with scientifically established or existing laws of nature.

There are many subgenres under science fiction including hard sci-fi, soft and social sci-fi, cyberpunk, time travel, alternate history, military sci-fi, superhuman, apocalyptic, space opera, space western, biopunk, comic science fiction, feminist science fiction, science fiction poetry, and steampunk.

What is Hard Science Fiction?

Hard science fiction, also known as “hard SF,” focuses on quantitative sciences such as physics, astrophysics, and chemistry that make it seemingly realistic for more of an advanced world.

What is Soft and Social Science Fiction?

Soft and Social science fiction focuses on social sciences such as psychology, economics, political science, and anthropology. Characters in these sci-fi books are very emotion and circumstantial-based. is an online bookstore that provides an array of genres, including the ever-so-popular science fiction and its subgenres. Take look at’s extensive collection and download these e-books for free, available for computers and e-readers.